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2019 Speakers

Brigadier General. Ing. Radek Hasala, Head of Training Command, Military Academy, Czech Armed Forces


14 July 2018    Commander of Training Centre – Military Academy in Vyskov

1 jun 2015       Military assistant to the Chairman of the Military committee of the NATO

1 Jan 2015       Military Assistant to the Chief of the General Staff

May–Dec 2014 Commanding Officer, Czech Armed Forces’ 9th Task Force ISAF

1 Feb 2013      Military Assistant to the Chief of the General Staff

1 Jun 2012       Chief of staff, Support Forces Command

1 Jan 2011       Deputy chief of staff, Support Forces Command

1 Jan 2009       Chief, planning branch, Support Forces Command

1 Jan 2008       Deputy commander of Military Academy Vyškov

1 Nov 2004      Commander, training centre, Training and Doctrines Command

1 Dec 2003      Deputy commander, training centre, Training and Doctrines Command

15 Oct 1997    Deputy commander, training battalion, Air Force Command

1 Dec 1994      Chief, special training unit

1 Nov 1992      Chief of air ammunition group, Central Depot of Air Force and Air Defence

28 Aug 1992    Platoon leader, Air Force training center 

1 Feb 1988      Enlisted at the Military Academy

Colonel Dan Bunduc, Chief of War Gaming and Doctrines Experimentation Centre, Romanian Armed Forces

1984 - Graduated Military College 
1987 - Graduated Military School for Tanks
1987 – 1992 Platoon Commander   in a  267th Armored Regiment and 284th Armored Battalion
1992 – 1995 Coy Commander in a  267th Armored Regiment
1995 - 2000 Chief of Staff, 284th Armored Battalion
2003 – 2005 Student, Romania National Defense Academy
2005 - 2006  Staff officer, Simulation Training Centre, General Staff
2006 - 2007 Chief of Technical Office, Simulation Training Centre, General Staff
2007 – 2009 Chief of Operation Office, Simulation Training Centre, General Staff.
2009 - 2011 Chief of Simulation Section, War Gaming and Doctrines Experimentation
2011 - 2016 Chief of Operations Section, War Gaming and Doctrines Experimentation Centre
2016 -          Chief of War gaming and Doctrines Experimentation Center Experimentation

Colonel Zdenek Mikula, Deputy Commander 7th Mechanised Brigade, Czech Armed Forces

COL Mikula was born in Třebíč (Czech Republic) the 27th of October 1972. He started studying at the Military High School in Martin (Slovak Republic) in 1987 and graduated in 1991. He continued with his education at the Military University of the Ground Forces in Vyškov (Czech Republic) and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1995 and master’s degree in 2000. He attended Defense Management as a postgraduate at the Military University in Brno from 2002 to 2003. COL Mikula graduated US Army War College in 2018 with degree Master of Strategic Studies.


COL Mikula started his military service in the 1st Artillery Brigade in 1995 where he held the positons of Platoon Leader, Battery Commander, Chief of Division Fire Support Cell, Chief of G2, Battalion Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander. From 2010 to 2014, COL Mikula was assigned to the 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade where he performed as Chief of G3/G5 and as the 41st Mechanized Battalion Commander. Since 2014, he has held the position as Chief of the Mechanized & Infantry Department of Capabilities Development and Planning Division (General Staff).

COL Mikula has been deployed in foreign operations in 2004 and 2006 KFOR - Kosovo, 2007-2008 NATO Training Mission – Iraq and 2011-2012 ISAF – Afghanistan (OMLT Wardak).

Colonel Josef Melichar, Senior Researcher, Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies, Czech University of Defence

COL Josef Melichar studied Mechanical Engineering at Military University in Brno and graduated with master degree in 1985. After his graduation, he had been working as logistic officer at tank and signal troops.


1985 – 2005 Logistic Officer 60th Tank Regiment, 1st Signal Brigade

2005 - 2009 Civil Military Cooperation, Psychological Operations and Information Operations Officer, JF HQ

2009 - 2012 Operations Assessment Specialist, JFC Brunssum.

2012 - 2013 Civil Military Cooperation, Psychological Operations and Information Operations Officer, JF HQ

2013 – 2014 Executive Officer and Inspector, Office of the Inspector General of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic

2014 – Researcher, Department of Strategic Management in Defence, Centre for Security and Military Strategic Studies, University of Defence in Brno


COL Melichar successfully completed Logistic Executive Development Course (Fort Lee, USA, 2000), NATO Comprehensive Operations Planning Course (Oberammergau, Germany 2010), NATO Psychological Operations Planning Course (Oberammergau, Germany 2010), NATO Information Operations Course (Oberammergau, Germany 2012).


COL Melichar was deployed with NATO to operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1997), Kosovo (2001), Afghanistan (2007, 2011) and with EU to the operation EUFOR Tchad/RCA (2008/2009).

Colonel Aurel Sabo, Director, Simulation Centre, Armed Forces Academy of General M R Štefánik, Slovakian Armed Forces

LtCol. SABO was born in 1972 in Revúca. He joined Military High School in Banská Bystrica in 1983. He started university study in specialization SIGINT at Faculty of Electronics of Military Academy in Brno (Czech Republic) in 1991. He was moved to Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš after Czechoslovakia had been divided in 1993. There he was study Radio Systems of Special Purpose. LtCol. SABO received his PhD. degree from electrical engineering in 2003.  He was a lecturer at the Department of Electronics and Radio Reconnaissance, Military Academy in Liptovský Mikuláš,1996-2004. As a member of the research team of the MoD, Slovak Republic, he worked on research tasks “Sensors and Sensor Systems for Measurement of Physical Quantities” and “Source and Chanel Coding of Signals”. He was an instructor at the Command Support and CIS Group of National Defence Academy in 2004 and chief of Entrance Specialization Officer Course in 2004-2008.  He took part as a member of authors’ collective of the feasibility study “Possibility of armament of EW units in the Armed forces of Slovak Republic” He was a member of the research team of AGA project where he was solving research task: “Sensor systems against terrorism”. He was moved to Military CIS Base in Ružomberok in 2008. He became there as Chief of Department of Radio Systems.


After that, he was assigned as Chief of 3rd Centre of CIS, the Mobile CIS Base in Ružomberok. He was member of committee for MOKYS military tests in 2008.  LtCol. SABO was Deputy Commander of CIS Base in 2010-2011. He was moved to Sarajevo as Senior Escort Officer, HQ EUFOR - Operation ALTHEA, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2011 and as Chief JVB HQ EUFOR - Operation ALTHEA in 2012.  He was returned to Mobile CIS Base in Ružomberok as Deputy Commander in 2013. LtCol. SABO has worked at Simulation Centre since 2016.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret) Roman Jersák, Research and Development, Centre of Simulation and Training Technologies, Czech Army

Roman Jersák was born and raised in Liberec, Northern Czech Republic. He graduated from the Military academy in Vyškov with a Master’s Degree of Combat Engineer Support.

Roman Jersák´s first assignment was the commanding officer of pontoon platoon from 1990 to 1993.  From 1993 to 1996 he served as the training officer of military scuba diving training centre. After this experience he was assigned to the Military academy in Vyškov as a teacher of engineering and rescue specialism. From 2001 to 2008 he served as deputy commander and later on as a commander of military scuba diving training centre. From 2008 to 2011 he was assigned to Joint Warfare Centre in Stavanger, Norway as a Subject Matter Expert of Land Operations and Plans. Upon return he served as Chief of Information Operations Section, Joint Force Command in Olomouc. His last military assignment was Senior Officer of the Inspectorate of Chief of General staff, Czech Armed Forces in Prague.

Roman Jersák has been working as research worker at the Centre of Simulation and Training Technologies since the beginning of July 2015.

Roman Jersák carried out two missions in the Balkans. First, in 2000 as a Chief of EOD Team of Engineer Coy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and then in 2005 as a Chief Engineer of Multinational Brigade Centre in Kosovo. His decorations include the Medal of Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, Medal for Service Abroad, Non Article 5 NATO Medal Balkan Operation and several other unit and service awards.

Lieutenant Colonel Rudolf Konar, Chief, Training, Exercise and Education Department, CBRN Centre of Excellence, NATO

Rudolf KONAR joined the Czechoslovak CBRN Defence Corps in 1979.

Since August 2017, he has been working as Chief of the Multi-National Exercise and Lessons Learned Section of the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRND COE) in VYSKOV / CZE.

From 2014 to 2017, Lt. Col. Konar worked for the JCBRND COE within the NATO Transformation Support Department. He was responsible for support NATO CBRN Defence capability development and NATO Defence Planning Process.

From 2010 to 2014, Lt. Col. Konar had been assigned to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE) / Plans and Policy Division / WMD Directorate – CBRN Policy. His areas of expertise covered CBRN Defence policy implementation and exercises and training coordination as well.

Prior to the NATO assignment he worked as a Chief of NBC Defence of CZE Air forces regiment base, Chief of the training and education department of the CZE Air forces training centre, and as a Commander of the TRADOC School.

Major Robert Schnirch, Modelling and Simulation Section, NATO Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence

Robert Schnirch joined the Czech Army in 1998.

Since August 2016, he has been working as IT specialist of the Modelling and Simulation Section of the Joint CBRN Defence Centre of Excellence (JCBRND COE) in VYSKOV / CZE.

From 2013 to 2016, MAJ Schnirch had been assigned to Command and Control Information System Centre in Olomouc where was working as a Chief of IT Security Specialists.

From 2004 to 2013, MAJ Schnirch worked for the Joint Forces Headquarter in Olomouc as IT Security Specialist. He was responsible for the operation of classified information systems operated within the Czech Republic.

Lieutenant Colonel Jan Mazal PhD, Chief of Doctrine Education and Training Branch, Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence, NATO

LTC. Doc. Ing. Jan Mazal, Ph.D., born in 1976, graduate of the Faculty of Military Systems Management of the Military College of Ground Forces in Vyskov. In 2003 he graduated the Academic Course of Military Intelligence in Fort Huachuca, Arizona, USA. Since 2005 he is a doctor in the field of the theory of the defence management of the State and since 2013 he is associated professor in the problematic of military management and C4ISR systems. He is former deputy chief of the Department of Military Management and Tactics at the University of Defence in Brno, currently he works as Doctrine Education and Training Branch Chief at NATO Modelling & Simulation Centre of Excellence in ROME. He is focused on the issue of military intelligence and reconnaissance, C4ISR systems, and implementation of information and model support to the commander’s decision-making process at the tactical level. He is the author and co-author of more than 70 professional publications, he solved more than 10 scientific projects, he is the author of a number of functional samples and application software. In his previous military practice, he held command and staff functions at the tactical level and also he took part in the foreign missions as EUFOR (2006) and ISAF (2010).

Mr Rusmat Ahmed, Senior Vice President Sales, EMEA, Bohemia Interactive Simulations


Rusmat joined BISim in 2014 and leads all sales and business development activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. He brings a wealth of business experience in defence, for projects for armies and air forces, and in both civil and military training and simulation.

Following a military flying career, Rusmat worked for Racal and Thales in business development, strategy, and bid and project management roles. He ran business units in civil and military avionics, and was project or operations director on successful, large multi-company projects. Moving increasingly to customer-facing roles, he was a sales director at L-3 before joining BISim. Rusmat has an MBA from INSEAD France, and a degree in economics from the University of York.

Lieutenant (Navy) Linus Pocha, IT-Project Officer, Scientific Support & Interoperability, Office for Defence Planning, Bundeswehr


LT Linus Pocha, born 27th April 1990 in Germany, took his first steps in the Bundeswehr in the German Air Force as a draftee in 2009, completing basic infantry training and then serving in the Fighter Bomber Squadron 33 in Cochem-Büchel. In 2010, Pocha decided to change careers to become an Officer in the German Navy and completed the Officer training at the Navy Officer School in Flensburg. LT Pocha then went to Munich to attend the Bundeswehr University to study Business Computer Science. In 2015, he graduated with a Master of Science. His studies included a half-year stay at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, USA where he wrote his Master thesis about distributed decision-making. Since 2015, LT Pocha is serving in the IT-branch in the Scientific-Support & Interoperability department of the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning (PlgABw) as an IT-Project Officer. He oversees and manages multi-national IT-projects with the focus on capability and IT development such as the PlgABw’s efforts at CWIX.

Mr David ‘Rusty’ Orwin, UK Head of Sales, Bohemia Interactive Simulations


Rusty Orwin is UK Head of Sales for Bohemia Interactive Simulations since 2015 and leads all sales and business development activities within the UK and Ireland which includes the UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence Virtual Simulation capability. He has a wealth of experience in modern simulation and training technologies having worked in both the live and virtual simulation domains. Rusty has recently been the Project Director for a study by the British Army into the use of virtual reality in collective training.


Prior to Bohemia Interactive Simulations Rusty worked for Saab Training and Simulation leading a deployed embedded team training the British Army and then responsible for emerging technologies that could be used in the live and virtual domains.


Before joining the Defence Industry in training and simulation Rusty was a Major in the Infantry with the British Army.  He conducted operations in Sierra Leone, Iraq and Northern Ireland and trained overseas in a number of locations. Rusty has an MSc in Information, Management and Technology from Cranfield University and a BSc in Communications and Media Studies from Loughborough University.

Mr. Hans ten Bergen, New Markets Development Manager, Services & Support, MASA GROUP


After fulfilling his national service as an officer in the Royal Dutch Navy, Hans became involved In the Technology sector. Mostly in Commercial and General Management Positions. He has lived and worked around the globe and speaks six languages fluently.

In 2008 he started working in simulation.

Now with MASA Group he is responsible for partnerships with most NATO members and NATO bodies. Hans holds an academic degree in behavioural sciences.

Colonel (Ret.) PhD. Dipl Ing. MSS. Pavel Zuna, Director, Collaboration Support Office, NATO Science & Technology Organization

Dr. Pavel Zůna serves as the Director, NATO STO Collaboration Support Office (CSO) in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France since 1 July 2018. The CSO is the executive office of the NATO Science & Technology Organization (STO) responsible for coordinating, synchronizing and supporting defence and security science & technology (S&T) activities between NATO member and partner Nations.

Dr. Zůna is a retired Colonel with a 30-year active military service career. He served in different staff and commanding positions in the Czech Republic Ground Forces up to the regiment level and was involved in military intelligence for 20 years. He retired as Deputy Director of the Military Counter-Intelligence and Military Intelligence Service in 2005.

After retiring from active military service, he worked as analyst and Head of office at the Doctrine Institute, Training Command – Military Academy. From 2010 until 2018, he had several responsibilities: He assumed the position of Head of the Life-Long Learning Department at the University of Defence in Brno, responsible for senior officers’ career education, and security and defence strategic and operational research and development.

He served as the Vice-Chair of the National Armed Forces Development Concept Working Group, member of the University of Defence Scientific Committee, and Co-Director of the National Operational Concept Development Board.

He represented the Czech Republic Ministry of Defence on the NATO STO System Analysis and Studies (SAS) Panel where he served as Vice-Chairman and Chairman from 2014 to 2018.

Dr. Zůna earned a Master’s degree in Chemistry, specializing in CBRN, from the Ground Forces University of Vyškov in 1984, a post-graduate degree in Information Management and Intelligence from the Military Academy of Brno in 1990, a Master’s degree in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College in 2006, and a Doctorate degree in Economics and Management from the Defence University of Brno in 2012.

Mr Clark D Swindell, Director of Modeling and Simulation, Warrior Preparation Center, USAF Europe

Mr. Swindell is a retired US Air Force Intelligence Analyst with 20 years of service.  He holds a Bachelor of Science from State University of New York and a Masters of Business Administration from Strayer University.  He is currently a Department of the Air Force Civil Servant serving at the Warrior Preparation Center in Einsiedlerhof Germany.


Mr. Swindell is currently sitting as the Director of Modeling and Simulations at the Warrior Preparation Center’s Distributed Training Center.  He manages both the engineering staff and the models, simulations and simulators hosted at the DTC.  Mr. Swindell comes most recently from the Korea Air Simulation Center where he filled the rols of the Simulation Manager, exercise planner and Air Warfare Simulation model controller.  His previous experience includes time with the US Army’s Combined Arms Support Commands Sustainment Battle Lab conducting Army Force Structure experimentation and Joint Forces Command J7 JLVC development team where he was the Configuration Manager and lead the VV&A team.

Colonel Dr. Jan Hodicky, M&S Staff Officer, Joint Force Development, NATO HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

Jan Hodicky earned his Ph.D. on Informatics and Computer Science with a special focus on Modelling and Simulation of Autonomous Systems. He is an author of around  100 papers in international journals/conferences, co-author of the patent of Virtual Reality in Command Control Systems with 23 years of service in the Czech Armed Forces. He is the M&S Advisor to HQ SACT Norfolk after being the Head of the Aviation Technology Department at the University of Defense in Brno in 2019 and a member of Strategic Management in Defense Department at the Centre for the Security and Military Strategic Studies University of Defense in 2018. Previously from 2013 – 2017 he was running the Doctrine Education & Training Branch  at the NATO Modelling and simulation Centre of Excellence in Rome. 

Captain Wojciech Kalinowski, Lecturer, Tactical Simulation Department, Military University of Land Forces, Polish Army

Capt. Wojciech KALINOWSKI – has been a Lecturer of Tactical Simulation Branch in the Military University of Land Forces in Wrocław since 2017. M.Eng. and graduated from the Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw in 2011, Faculty of Mechatronics. Previously he served as a mortar platoon leader (2011-2016) and fire support company commander (2016) at 15th Mechanized Brigade. In 2013 he started a project with the aim of providing an artillery simulator for Polish Land Forces. The Beta version was finished in 2016. Now he works on development of the final version of the simulator and finding new areas for computer assisted training in the process of teaching cadets.

Mr Petr Schleiss, Business Manager CEE, Marketing & Sales, Saab AB

Petr Schleiss was born in Klatovy (Western Bohemia, Czech Republic) on 1st of May 1979. His study began in 1993 at J.Š.Baar Gymnasium in Domažlice, where he graduated in 1997. After the successful entrance examinations in the same year, he started the military career on the Faculty of Air force at the University of Defence in Brno, which he unfortunately left due to the internal reasons in 1999. In 2008 he graduated at the Masaryk University in Brno. His professional career began in the same year at the Unis a.s., the leading Czech engineering company, at the position of Sales manager for mechatronics systems and critical applications in aviation. In 2010 he joined Erba Lachema team at the position of Business manager, in 2011 he was promoted to Sales director for CEE markets within the mother´s company - Erba Mannheim Group (DE). During 2013 – 2016 he worked as Business development manager for international markets (CEE and Asia) in Howden Machinery Group, in branch of high investment units. Since 2016 he has been working at Saab AB, Training & Simulation with responsibility for Business activities within the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Petr Schleiss is married, has one child and lives in city of Brno, Czech Republic.