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Continued large scale training exercises and the need for high readiness reflect the Central and Eastern European region’s importance to the NATO alliance. Our two-day interactive conference will offer the perfect opportunity to discuss constructive, virtual and live approaches to simulation and training capabilities, as well as the unique requirements of the region. Taking place from the 15-16 October, in Brno, Czech Republic, this senior meeting for the training community will bring together military, defence research and innovators from industry, to discuss the tactics and technology’s at the heart of military simulation and training.


Topics of interest include:


  • Virtual and live training capabilities to support tactical level training

  • Developing the use computer assisted exercise (CAX)

  • War gaming and doctrinal experimentation

  • Case studies and multinational training

  • Regional specific solutions for Central and Eastern European militaries

Paper submissions focused on the following:

Area 1.) Doctrine and Experimentation: Driven by emerging operational requirements and introduction of new and disruptive technology, simulation can be used to visualize new fighting concepts, war gaming, analysis of alternatives and validation of courses of action. Use of new simulation technology can also be utilised for scenario and event build-up, red teaming and data visualisation.

Area 2.) Simulation support to Decision Making: Exploring use of simulation options to assist the decision making process of the operational commander in real-time, during exercises and operations. Use of Constructive simulation, artificial intelligence and support tools for management of big data to prevent information overload.